Should You Buy a Hybrid or a Road Bike?

Cycling is one of the most popular pastimes in the UK, and with spring here and summer on the way, many people are getting their bikes out of the garage, dusting them off and fettling them, and enjoying a leisurely ride in the country! If you don’t already have a bike but want one, you should check out the many different models on offer, but there is one question that may trouble you: should you buy a hybrid or a road bike? Let us explain the difference.

A dedicated road bike will be for road use only; it is not suitable for off-road use and will most likely be used on hard surfaces only. A hybrid is a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike, and offers all the benefits of both – plus more. You get an upright seating position for comfort and ease of use, plus either disc or cantilever brakes, and you get a full set of gears for efficiency. All in all, it’s a bike that will be great in traffic – for the commute to work – and one that can also be used as a leisure ride in the country, and a little bit of light off-roading if you wish!

What Else Do I Need?

So you’re going to buy a bike – good for you, it’s not just fun to ride, it’s great exercise too – but what else do you need to buy to make your cycling more enjoyable? First, we need to consider safety: there is always a chance of an accident, and head injuries can be very dangerous. This is why you simply must buy a good helmet. Look for one that is a name brand, and pay as much as you can for the very best you can afford. We really cannot stress how important this is, as it may save you from serious injury.

Also, you will need a lock; bikes are a target for thieves, and you may want to stop at a café or pub on your ride, or leave it outside the office, so you need it to be secure. We read a great review of the best bike lock options at Best Reviewer, a website offering excellent reviews of many different gadgets, outdoor items, household appliances and much more. They give you full information on the different types and how they work, as well as offering you advice on which to choose and what you should expect to pay, so it’s well worth a visit before you make your choice.

If you’ve made your mind up whether to buy hybrid or road, then you’re ready to browse the web and find your new bike! We recommend you check out Best Reviewer, too, as they have many great outdoor and travel items that you might find interesting, and each review is an entertaining and informative read. Meanwhile, get out on your bike, stay safe, and enjoy the fine weather!

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