3 Signs you are getting a quality CBD oil

As the use of CBD as a natural cure-all has grown in popularity, so has the amount of sources you can purchase CBD products. There are thousands of retailers that claim to provide the best CBD oils and other CBD products to consumers. But, how do you know which one is right for you? You want to be sure you’re investing in the best CBD possible. After all, you’re ingesting it, so you should be sure it is of the highest quality. That being said, webshops like Mellow are known to be quite popular among their customers because of the CBD products they offer. If you are interested, then you can type shop cbd online canada on the internet and locate their store. However, if you are purchasing from stores that you are unsure about, then you can look for the below-mentioned signs, which can tell you about the quality of your CBD oil.

Extraction Process

You want to be sure your CBD oil is extracted properly from the cannabis plant. Some retailers may use chemicals such as propane or butane to help with this process. However, these can leave undesirable and potentially toxic chemicals in your CBD oil. Be sure your supplier only uses CO2 or alcohol to safely extract CBD with no extra chemicals added. When you shop CBD online, this information should be readily available to you to ensure you’re receiving a quality product.

Test Results

Just as with any product you’re putting into your body, you want to make sure it has been tested and that there’s proof to back it up. If your CBD shop has a website then it should have extensive information about what goes into making this product, or you should be able to see that on the bottle or packaging of your CBD oil. If your retailer isn’t transparent about additives in the oil, the means of extraction, and does not provide a Certificate of Analysis from a third-party lab vouching for the quality of the product, it’s time to look elsewhere.

These test results should also verify the amount of CBD in the product you’re choosing. CBD oils should have less than 0.3% THC. If it is higher than that and you’re located somewhere where THC products are illegal, you could be breaking the law while risking ingesting unwanted amounts of THC.

The Source

As mentioned, you should value the transparency of the retailer you’re choosing. Part of that transparency should include information about the way in which the hemp plant used to create the CBD oil was grown. Hemp is a particularly absorbent plant that will take in chemicals or additives from the soil in which it was grown. Before ingesting CBD oil, be sure the retailer is clear about the soil in which the plant was grown. You should be looking for rich soil with no pollutants such as pesticides or heavy metals. If this information isn’t readily available – and it should be – contact customer service. If they are unwilling to give out this information, you should be skeptical about the source of your CBD oil. You should always make sure you visit professional and trusted sites, for example if you buy from CBD Queen, you wouldn’t have to worry about the source of your products because you would already know they were quality.