4 Health Issues That May Be a Result of Your Diet

At some point, many people may find themselves feeling symptoms which make their day to day lives uncomfortable.  They don’t feel their usual perky self and may get to the extreme of even having to miss work.

Not knowing why you’re feeling discomfort and feeling far from your best can be a helpless feeling which leaves you wishing that you could solve the issue.  Panic can start to set in as you try to eliminate every possible cause. From getting allergy tests done to reading every article that you can find online about your symptoms until you’re convinced you’re dying.

However, sometimes the simplest cause is often the one causing these issues.  In many cases, the foods that you eat are a direct cause of your overall health.  Take a look at some of the following symptoms and ask yourself whether you think it may be from what you eat.


That heavy feeling of your stomach feeling full and bigger than it should be.  A general discomfort that doesn’t just make you feel sluggish but you may appear heavier too.  

What many people don’t realize is that bloating is often a result of eating things which your body doesn’t agree with.  Either the foods you eat are causing gas because of a sensitivity, or you may even be eating an excess of yeast which can cause the stomach to bloat and increase gas.

Usually, the best way to tackle bloating is to try eliminating certain foods for a period of time and see if you notice any changes.  Once you determine what the culprit is you can cut it out of your diet entirely.


Your skin is often incredibly sensitive to the foods that you eat.  Since your pores release whatever it is that’s going into your body, it’s no surprise that if you eat a diet high in fat and grease that your pores will start to suffer.

Acne breakouts can often be avoided by trying out an organic vegan diet.  If you notice a difference within the first few weeks, then you can probably rest assured that you should continue eating this way to avoid breakouts in the future.


Many people suffer headaches and take medication every day to relieve their symptoms.  They try to solve the problem by taking more and more medications when, in fact, it may simply be a question of eliminating a certain food.

Wheat allergies, in particular, are linked to headaches.  If you get headaches when you eat wheat products, you may want to consider that you’re intolerant.


If you suffer gas and regularity issues in the bathroom this is a pretty big indication of a change you should make in your diet.

Either avoiding combining certain foods or eliminating others entirely may be the key to ending your digestion issues.