5 Extremely Creative Ways to Discipline Yourself to Exercise

When it comes to exercising, everyone has their own level of dedication and passion. Some people want to exercise but have an extremely difficult time motivating themselves. Some people exercise moderately, but have a difficult time staying consistent enough to get solid traction. Some people love to exercise and do so consistently, but still drop the ball from time to time (no pun intended).

The fact is, no matter how passionate you are about exercising, or doing anything in life for that matter, there will always come a point when your motivation starts to dwindle. Maybe you’re just feeling lazier than normal. Maybe life outside of fitness gets a bit crazy. Maybe exercising becomes boring and too repetitive for you to handle.

No matter what your situation, we all need a boost of motivation from time to time. Below are 5 extremely creative ways to discipline yourself to exercise. These are not your typical pieces of advice from the average personal trainer. These are extremely fun, weird, and off the beaten path, but quite effective!

1.Hide your Netflix password

Who isn’t watching Netflix nowadays? Netflix is overriding cable television when it comes to competing for our attention. A lot of people treat Netflix almost like a necessity. They don’t just watch Netflix on occasion. They binge-watch Netflix and then agonize when they’re unable to watch the next episode of their current, favorite show.

What’s the best way to discipline some people? Take their Netflix away! If you’re looking for an extra boost of inspiration to hit the gym, find a close friend or family member and have them change your password every time you don’t follow up on your exercise routine.

Once your password is changed, you’ll no longer be able to enjoy your daily dose of Netflix. Once you’ve hit your exercise goals for the week, whether it’s working out 1 day, 3 days, or every day, have them give you the new password to your account. Then you could do research (websites like flixboss could help) on what you could watch on the streaming platform and watch it in peace. Repeat this process until exercising becomes a solid habit again. Also, if you’re not a Netflix user, feel free to implement this process with any other form of entertainment that you’re addicted to, whether it’s cable television, Hulu, YouTube, or something else. One way of doing that could be to browse internet provider sites for a bundled internet and cable TV plan with limited data and channels. Going this route can help in reducing your screen time as you would be aware of the data limitation.

However, you can occasionally watch the shows or movies by downloading them from torrenting websites. Because the shows will take some time to download, you might lose interest in watching them in the end. This may suffice for you, but you should prefer using vpn for torrenting when downloading anything from such websites because they are highly prone to hacking. It is recommended that you install a VPN on your device to prevent your data from being leaked to unauthorized people.

2.Eat an entire onion

There are a lot of nasty things you can eat in this world, but few of them compare to the intensity of an entire onion. Most people love the taste of onion rings or perhaps diced onions mixed with an entree, but attempting to eat an entire onion is pure torture.

Set a weekly fitness goal for yourself. If you fail to hit your goal for the week, purchase a whole onion, take a seat at your dining room table, and start eating the onion, one bite at a time. You might have to proceed with caution though, as tears of pain might be flowing out of your eyes all night!

If you’re allergic to onions or if your body simply can’t handle consuming an entire onion, feel free to substitute with a type of food that you find particularly disgusting. If you know in advance that you’ll have to eat an entire onion or something else that you find particularly disgusting, you might not ever miss a workout again in your life.

3.No eating ice cream for an entire month

Who doesn’t love a nice bowl of ice cream once a week? Or, in some cases, three times per week. Or, in some cases, every single day. In fact, your love for ice cream might be the reason why you’re trying to exercise more often!

Some of you may not like ice cream or may not mind a life without it. If that’s the case, think of your favorite food. Think of a food that you feel as though you could not live without. Then set a goal that you want to achieve for a given month. If you fail to meet that goal, punish yourself by going an entire month without ice cream or other food of your choice.

We all love to eat. We all have types of food that we deem as a necessity. Sometimes we don’t know how much we’re willing to push ourselves until someone threatens to take what we love away!

4.Take cold showers

Getting up in the morning can be tough for a lot of people. One of the first things that people look forward to, after shutting off their annoying alarms, is taking a soothing, warm shower. If you replace someone’s soothing, warm shower with a freezing, cold one, you’re bound to destroy their entire morning!

Let’s face it: taking a cold shower 10 minutes after waking up is not fun for anyone. It doesn’t matter how bold or adventurous you think you are, taking ice-cold showers is painful! Just the mere thought of it is enough to send chills down your spine.

If you need an extra kick in the butt to get yourself to the gym, set a goal of hitting the gym every day. Each day that you skip out on working out, force yourself to take a cold shower the next morning. After a few cold showers, the pain of running the treadmill will become significantly less dreadful!

5.No cell phone for 24 hours

Over the past 10 years, looking at our smart phones has become one of, if not the most, addicting habit we’ve created for ourselves. Whether we’re texting our friends, checking our Facebook profiles, or sending someone pictures on Snapchat, we’re gazing at our phones constantly. Cell phone usage has become the most addictive electronic drug within the past decade.

It can be hard to fathom at times, but if you’ve ever gone a day without your cell phone, a large sense of insecurity surrounds you. In a figurative sense, you feel naked. It’s a rather awkward feeling, but it can certainly be a great motivator for you to get in shape.

Set a daily or weekly fitness goal for yourself. If you fail to hit your daily or weekly fitness goal, give your cell phone to someone you trust and part ways with it for 24 hours. If having your cell phone taken away for 24 hours doesn’t discipline you to exercise more often, it might be impossible to motivate you to exercise.

Motivating ourselves to exercise can be a very tricky thing. It’s one of the reasons why throngs of people are so inconsistent with it. You might have to try several of those techniques to figure out a disciplinary routine that work for you, but with enough reinforcement, exercising can become as convenient for you as eating an ice cream cone.

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