5 Symptoms Men Shouldn’t Ignore

Regardless of your luck on genetic lottery, health is not something that can be taken for granted. Men visit doctors less frequently than women and they also tend to seek comfort in the illusion that the health problems are not as big as they seem. Well, you must not let gut instinct and wishful thinking lead you astray. Even the smallest symptoms call for utmost care and attention. So, take steps to preserve good health and do it sooner rather than later. It is time to change the attitude, educate yourself, and visit the doctor more often.


Plummeting energy levels and extreme tiredness are problems that should raise eyebrows. Fatigue does not require you to signal the alarm bells, but it can give rise to poor sleeping habits, a lack of motivation, and overall negativity. Despite popular notions, however, it is not the result of a mere mental drain. Namely, it can be rooted in more serious psychological and physical problems: Cancer, congestive heart failure, kidney and liver disease – (you can read more here), arthritis, diabetes, malfunctioning of the thyroid gland, etc.

Shortness of breath

Struggling to catch breath is normal during physical activity and exertion, but it can act as a telltale sign of cardiovascular difficulties and heart attacks. For instance, being breathless during an easy walk potentially indicates a coronary ischemia. It means that your artery is partially or completely blocked, something that increases the risk of a heart attack. Together with chest pain and dizziness, in represents one of the early signs that should lead to an immediate doctor visit.

Urination problems

In case you often visit the toilet during the night, do not assume that you havethe amount of consumed liquid to thank for that. Two most common inducers are enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. Namely, any changes in the size of this gland put a strain on the urethra and affect urination habits. So, pay attention not only to frequency but also the intensity of the rush to urinate and other signs of prostate trouble like weak flow, prolonged urinating. These difficulties should prompt males to contact urological specialists such as Dr. Haddad.

Memory loss

We are all prone to memory failures, even more so than women. However, this is not always the consequence of being distracted and negligent. Also, age is only one of the factors that induce recurring memory failures. Other causes are a brain tumor, brain damage, Alzheimer’s disease, and inflammation. At last, another common culprit behind memory hiccups is a vitamin deficiency. It may not sound as bad as aforementioned ones, but is a reason for concern and action.

Pain in the joints

A sudden and severe pain in joints, especially the big toe, is one of the typical symptoms of gout. This medical condition is three to four times more likely to occur in men than women and usually kicks in after the age of 30. As a type of arthritis, it appears due to the buildup of the waste product called uric acid. The problem is that the problem flies under our radar until it becomes painfully obvious. So, the moment you notice pain and inflammation consult your doctor and figure out the best possible treatment together.

On the safe side

There is a wide array of signals that point out that something is not quite right in a man’s body. Like it or not, without proper response, small symptoms can easily turn into serious ailments.So, ditch risky and irresponsible behavior. Your immune system might be able to combat minor problems, but real menaces demand a different approach. Strive to heed the warning signs and mitigate any damage that has been made. The ultimate prize comes in the form of improving the quality and longevity of your life.