5 Symptoms That May Indicate You Have Cancer

While cancer often has symptoms which go unnoticed, there are also many symptoms which you can detect early on. Depending on your lifestyle, you may be more at risk than others, so if you are in a high-risk group, you should pay particular attention to potential signs.

One of the best ways to guard against cancer is to detect it early on, therefore it’s in your best interest to know what to look out for.

Here are some of the most common symptoms that you may indicate you have cancer, and how to check for them.

A Persistent Cough

Often a heavy cough is commonly an indication of bronchitis or respiratory infection of some sort. However, in some cases, it may point towards something much more serious.

Try to pay attention to how long your cough has persisted and whether there is any blood in the mucus that comes up. Even in the absence of blood in your mucus, you should still see a doctor if your cough persists longer than a month.

Blood In Your Stool

Whether you have cancer or not, blood in your stool is not a good sign. Blood indicates that something is going wrong and requires a doctor to investigate your intestinal tract.

A doctor will perform an x-ray initially, but there is still a risk for misdiagnosing your condition. The best way to rule out cancer as a possibility is to perform a colonoscopy.


One of the most obvious reasons for alarm is finding a lump somewhere in your body. While often lumps are considered non-cancerous, they can also be harmful.

If you do find a lump on your body it’s’ necessary for your doctor to perform a biopsy for further investigation. By studying the results, they ‘ll be able to pinpoint whether it’s a benign or malignant growth.

Change In Urination

While there are many conditions which can cause a change in urination, it can also be an indication of cancer.

Try to pay attention to the frequency and quantity of your urine habits, paying close attention to whether there is any pain associated with it. You should also notice any changes in color or smell. Changes in urination could also be a sign of prostate or bladder cancer, both of which are very dangerous. In case, you notice any of these symptoms, have a check-up. You can then do the needful after consulting with your physician.

Low Iron

Many people have naturally low iron which can leave them feeling fatigued easily. However, many types of cancer can cause a drop in iron in your blood. Therefore, it’s important that if you have a sudden case of anemia that it’s looked into further.

Even if you don’t have cancer, anemia is a condition which should always be investigated.