5 Ways Quitting Alcohol Can Improve Your Health

Many people have heard of their friends taking a vow to stop drinking alcohol for a certain set amount of time, or quitting altogether. You may have scratched your head and wondered why anyone could ever possibly consider parting with the delicious, cold flavor of beer.

However, most people don’t realize that giving up alcohol isn’t just about clearing your head; there are many benefits you can gain from quitting. It can be difficult for some who are addicted to drinking. Getting rid of alcohol addiction isn’t impossible if you are approaching rehab centers like Arista Recovery (an institution in Park City Kansas). Anyway, if you’ve been considering giving alcohol a break but aren’t exactly sure what to expect, here are the most common ways that it can improve your health.

Fewer Accidents

It’s no secret that when you are under the influence of alcohol your senses are off. You have slower reaction times and can find yourself taking part in activities which are risky.

If you eliminate alcohol from your diet you’ll find that you are much less likely to suffer accidents such as crashing in your car, slipping and falling, and even getting yourself into a dangerous situation where you are taken advantage of physically.

Improved Sleep

When you are under the influence of alcohol, you may fall asleep easier, also known as “passing out.” However, even though you are asleep you aren’t entering a deep sleep.

This is why even if you sleep 10 hours under the influence of alcohol you wake up feeling groggy and out of sorts.

When you eliminate alcohol from your diet you’ll start to notice the amazing benefits that it has on your sleeping patterns. You’ll start waking up more refreshed and have more pep in your step overall.

Fewer Arguments

Many people can agree that many of their arguments take place when they are under the influence of alcohol. Since emotions can run high and you may find yourself with fewer inhibitions than usual, it can be easy to start arguing with someone.

When you stop drinking you’ll find that you are much more centered in adverse situations. Whereas had you been drinking, you may have been more likely to start a confrontation.

Weight Loss

Alcohol packs a considerable amount of calories in even the lighter drinks. When you start adding up all of the drinks that you consume in a single week you may be surprised to find that it gets as high as an extra 3,000 calories in just one single evening.

Many people notice weight loss as one of the first results of ridding alcohol from their diet.

Improved Memory

Drinking alcohol affects the brain in many ways. One of the most common being memory loss.

If you quit drinking you’ll find that your recollection of events is not only better, but you don’t get anxiety over blacking out.