6  Interesting Facts about Golf

The moment you heard about Tiger Woods and other modern big-names in this sport, did you feel the urge to have a go and see if golf is for you? Before actually trying the basics and seeing if your body is adept at this sport, it is nice to know some interesting facts about golf and wet your appetite about this activity.

  1. The First Golf Balls Were Made From Wood

Ever imagined balls made from wood? This is a fun fact that some of us may not know about. Some of the very first balls used for golf were made out of pure hardwood, such as box trees and beech. These balls were reported to be used until the latter part of the 17th century. They had to be replaced because a typical wood ball would last only for a few games before getting damaged.

  1. Feather Golf Balls Were Also Used Before

Aside from wooden balls, there was an alternative type used even earlier on. They were called ‘feathery’. They were made of leather pouches that are filled with goose or chicken features, thus giving it its name. In the modern day calculation, a single feathery golf ball would cost up to $10-$20 per piece. Why? Every feathery requires extensive labor, plus the type of material needed.

  1. A Game of Golf Was Played On the Moon

There were only two sports played on the moon. Javelin was one, and golf was the other. On February 6, 1967, Al Shepard Jr did a one-handed swing using a six-iron. The ball was sent flying on the low-gravity atmosphere of the moon.

  1. Golf is a Good Workout

Ever thought that golf is boring? Think again! In fact, golf is a great workout that actually burns calories while enhancing muscle mass. It is reported by a study that a standard golfer can burn up to 431 calories for every hour played, provided that he or she walks along the course rather than simply riding a golf cart. And yes, do not forget to add the calories burnt during the indoor practice sessions. Yes, several people often play golf indoors just to improve their skills so that they can show off their mastery at a golf club. To be honest, such people are often known to use a golf screen (which can be found at online shops by searching for something similar to “golf-screen-frame-with-3-ft-sides-and-top-choose-size/ Golf screen frame with no sides or top”) indoors so that nothing, be it rain, snow, or storm, can affect their practice.

  1. ‘Caddy’ Comes from ‘Cadet’

Heard the word ‘cadet’ before? This is a French word which means ‘youngest child’. Apparently, this is where the term ‘caddy’ came from. This term is one that you will hear often as you step onto a golf playing field. It refers to the person who is assigned to carry the bag and clubs of a player. Aside from this, a caddy also offers moral support and insightful advice to the player.

Is it For You?

Now to the question: Is golf for me? Well, you’ll never know unless you try it and observe how your body reacts to the rules of the game. If you’re already a golf lover and you’re just looking to improve your swing, keep going! Golf is much harder than it looks – ask the professionals! Golf is not just a sport that you can participate in to kill time, it also offers a lot of benefits to your health, and your overall well being. Enjoying golf as a sport is one of the best ways of enjoying nature whilst ensuring that you also take advantage of the benefits that this activity has to offer.