“Nice Facts” was set up several years ago, by Kevin Ritcher. Aiming to reach a global audience, Kevin has made his fitness training programs available online. At this time, his clients come from all across the globe. Equipped with unrivaled knowledge in fitness, bodybuilding and health, Kevin has shared his advice in several “Nice Facts Ebooks”.

Today, Kevin provides invaluable, no-nonsense health, fitness, and bodybuilding tips to clients and fitness enthusiasts all over the world. While countless people visit their local gym several times a week, Kevin’s clients can follow his fitness programs in the comfort of their own homes.

By tailoring his programs to the needs of each client and fostering a close coach-to-client relationship, Kevin’s clients are reaching and surpassing all their targets. Kevin supports his clients with a plethora of online fitness resources, monitors their performance and keeps their motivation levels high. Clients may not meet Kevin across a gymnasium floor, but his programs provide a solid structure for anyone wishing to get fit or reach top fitness targets.

Kevin’s Story

Kevin’s own fitness journey began in high school. Though he never struggled at school, physical activity was Kevin’s main passion. As a member of several football, basketball and soccer teams, he spent most of his time pursuing sports and soon got very fit. Driven to maximize his own performance, Kevin began to study sports psychology, nutrition, motivation, exercise, health and all other fitness related subjects. Soon, he found himself at the local gym nearly every day. Kevin got fit and wanted to get even fitter.

With the support of a personal coach, Kevin continued to set tougher workout targets and began to build up his overall muscle power. His strenuous fitness regime lent itself perfectly to the inclusion of bodybuilding and Kevin soon became an avid bodybuilder. Even before Kevin graduated from High School, it was clear that he would pursue a career in sports and fitness.

When he left school, he trained as a fitness coach while also continuing his studies in health, nutrition and sports psychology. Once Kevin graduated, he was eager to find employment. However, most gymnasia had too many coaches already and Kevin struggled to find a job. Unwilling to capitulate, Kevin endured, innovated and finally created online fitness programs. The drive and passion he had always displayed in fitness training, have fuelled his journey to success.

Within a rather short space of time, Kevin’s schedule was full to the brim and he sought to diversify as well as improve the quality of his existing fitness training programs.

Nice Facts EBooks and Fitness Training Resources

When originally designing online fitness training programs, Kevin had a strong desire to provide top learning resources. Rather than simply focusing on physical exercises, Kevin wanted to support clients with educational resources. Getting fit is more than just setting tough targets and trying to reach them with a structured workout routine. The mental and motivational aspects are just as important and need equal attention.

Another area of utmost importance is fitness related nutrition and Kevin is a strong believer in laying a solid nutritional foundation. To his mind, without a proper diet, fitness goals are futile and shouldn’t even be pursued.

To provide his clients with supporting resources in all these areas, Kevin has written several ebooks, including the following:

Nice Facts Fitness – The Easy Way to Get Superfit

This book introduces Kevin’s fitness philosophy and beliefs, strongly emphasizing the fact that just about anyone can get fit within a relatively short space of time. Apart from basic information on how to embark on a fitness journey, the book is packed with useful information on nutrition, motivation and endurance.

Nice Facts Bodybuilding – How to Sculpt Your Body Beautiful

Kevin wrote this book to demystify the bodybuilding world and make it more accessible to the wider public. In Kevin’s experience of bodybuilding is about discipline, strength and tenacity. These qualities tend to expand into the bodybuilder’s everyday life and can fuel overall zest for life.

Nice Facts Nutrition – Ultra Lean Nutrition Manual

Drawing on years of experience in training and coaching and the study of nutrition, Kevin has compiled a simple guide to healthy fitness nutrition. The right foods can greatly enhance our fitness while poor diets can all but put an end to our hopes of good physical health. This book is an easy-to-follow instruction manual. Readers follow the step-by-step guide on how to create a healthy eating routine and get to try out lots of tasty recipes.

Nice Facts – Fitness is All in the Mind

This book takes care of all your possible doubts about getting fit, furnishes motivational tips and looks at some of the reasons for failure. Readers get to the nitty-gritty of fitness psychology and will end up with the frame of mind required to achieve optimum fitness.

Nice Facts Online

This website, in conjunction with Kevin’s Youtube Channel, is designed as the ultimate online fitness platform. Clients and fans can follow Kevin’s programs, study his course content and connect with him personally online. Those who register as clients get access to a plethora of additional useful resources and have access to Kevin’s support on a daily basis.

Kevin regularly sends fitness routine reminders, checks in with clients and furnishes additional advice.

By building a comprehensive online learning and support structure, Kevin has made getting fit an easy and extremely enjoyable task even for those lacking confidence in their abilities.