No one is as aware of the power of the internet as Kevin. Having gone online with his own fitness programs, he has experience this power first hand.

“You have to think global”, is what Kevin always says. His efforts have gained him clients all around the world, simply because he himself “thought global”. Kevin views the world as one giant pool of potential clients and this approach has been at the heart of his global success.

Smartly Reaching Beyond

Rather than making his fitness programs available to people in his vicinity, Kevin has reached beyond, thought global and succeeded in finding clients in places far and wide. The same concept has been applied to our advertising concept, both for ourselves and businesses advertising on our website.

As a top motivator, Kevin always manages to encourage advertisers to reach beyond their usual target group and find new clients in entirely new markets. The results have been astonishing, and our advertisers are continually reaching new horizons.

Faithful Followers

Most of our readers faithfully follow Kevin’s advice and trust his judgement and advertisers have greatly benefited from the strong relationship between Kevin and his 16’000 unique monthly readers. We only publish advertisements from reputable businesses, because we value our readers and endeavor to exclusively publish worthwhile content and ads.

We rely on the goodwill of Kevin’s clients and of our many thousand readers and your business can also become a part of this fitness family.

Kevin Knows What Works

Having established his own online fitness programs from scratch, Kevin knows all about effective advertising. Since the establishment of this website, Kevin has overseen countless advertising campaigns and at this stage, he knows the recipe for success like the back of his hand.

After carefully examining the products and services advertisers provide, Kevin goes on to create a tailor-made advertising package and discusses all the details with the potential advertiser. Once all has been agreed, the Nice Facts team finalizes your campaign and designs an advertisement for you. The duration of the campaign and the publication date are chosen in collaboration between Kevin and the advertiser.

The focus is on achieving a sizeable return on investment and Kevin certainly always wants results. If, after checking back with the advertiser, the ad doesn’t seem to be performing well, Kevin will tweak and change the campaign until advertisers see sales and revenue increases.

Excellent Support

Kevin cares about his advertisers just as much as about his clients. Advertisers can collaborate as little or as much as they wish. The support system includes website data analysis, seven-day a week phone support as well as continuous evaluation and ad performance analysis.

Kevin is always reachable, always available and always ready to help.

Our Advertisers

Our advertisers are in the sport and fitness industry and provide relevant products and services. They include local Detroit businesses as well as companies from across the globe. If your business is in the sports and fitness industry, we would like to hear from you and outline our very competitively priced advertising packages.

We will ensure that your ad fits in with our website content and promote your business to all of the 16’000 unique monthly website visitors.

What to Do Next

Introduce yourself to us and tell us all about your company! You can send Kevin an inquiry through the form below. Please outline your business activity in detail.

Within one or two days, Kevin will have created an advertising proposal for you to study. Subsequently, we get together and discuss all the options and jointly choose the best concept for you.

Kevin wants results, as a coach and as an advertising space provider, and he will do everything in his power to help you reach your sales targets.