Benefits of Introducing Compression Clothing into Your Sportswear

There isn’t a single sporting event that we see on TV where there are no compression clothing garments. Take a moment and think about the NBA; you see players wearing sleeves all the time, you see them wearing undershirts, and you see them wearing undershorts and special socks. It’s undeniable – compression clothing is a hit and it is going to be even more popular. But, many wonder why exactly LeBron James and his rivals always have at least one piece of compression clothing garments on. Let’s see why you should have one, too.


These garments are specifically designed for athletes and though they look good, they are not designed solely for aesthetics. Moreover, compression clothing garments help you perform better. How is that? Well, they do it by improving the blood circulation, which gives muscles additional support. Better blood flow means more energy and ultimately leads to better muscle endurance and performance. On top of that, you get to see each contraction of your muscle every time you do a bicep curl and various other exercises.


Probably the second most important aspect of the compression clothing garments is its effect on the recovery. What it actually does is speed up the process of rebuilding your muscles after a workout. Compression clothes help with increasing the blood pressure and reducing soreness. Of course, it is impossible to completely eliminate muscle soreness, but the difference is quite notable. Being able to heal the broken muscle tissue faster helps build even more muscle. Bear this in mind the next time you find yourself in a sporting goods store. Surely you want to train more often without as much pain? But before you consider anything, ensure you read up thoroughly on the compression sock side effects so you avoid any further damage, and to make sure you use them correctly.

Breathable even though it’s tight

Yes, it sounds weird, but it’s true. Quality compression shorts will contour along your legs perfectly and they won’t let the sweat kill you. Quality compression clothing garments are manufactured and stitched with a quality weave design allowing air circulation to pass and travel through your shirt/shorts/tights. And this really proves to be useful when you’re having an intense workout because it keeps things cool and bearable. When you jump or jog, a lot of sweat tends to accumulate itself in the crotch and feet area, especially if you’re into outdoor workouts. The next time you think of skipping the compression socks for men section in your favourite shop, think again. Pairing up lean running shoes with breathable compression socks is a winning combination for your feet.

The sweating issue

Since compression gear is made of polyester or nylon related materials in most cases, naturally those garments are able to wick away the sweat and help you get dry faster. How many times have you experienced that awful feeling of having sweat build up in the crotch area? It sure isn’t great to move around in, right? Consider even the compression briefs because the sweat wicking effect will take good care of you. It won’t repel off the moisture, but it will draw it up through the fabric and then get it out to evaporate.

The support aspect

Many gym goers claim that they feel safer when wearing compression clothing garments in the gym. Especially during the weight lifting. When you squeeze hard and put so much pressure on your muscles, you’ll want to have some kind of support for them. Compression clothing garments help by continually pumping blood and exerting that compression, which in turn helps provide support for some of the strain. And besides aiding the ongoing recovery process, you feel safer because it ‘holds’ your muscles intact. Ultimately, you’ll get the job done easily when it comes to your workouts.

Many still can’t see the benefits of compression clothes. Hopefully, you’ve learned a few things now. Remember, if LeBron James and the likes of him wear this all the time, how is that not good and useful?