Can Golf Help You To Lose Weight?

I wasn’t planning to write this today but it seemed right. I know many of you are interested to know whether or not golf can actually make you lose weight. It is a tough task given the fact that golf is not known to be as one of those physical games. Unless of course, you’re repeatedly practicing your golf swing on a launch monitor to make sure you have it perfected. This is something that would definitely be considered physically demanding. However, even without this, you will be amazed to know that golf can actually still help you to lose weight.

The thought of writing this article actually came to my mind today when I was cleaning my Caddytek push cart. Off topic: Cleaning can actually help you to lose a lot of weight and all golf equipment require regular cleaning so if you are thinking in that way, golf can do wonders for your body.

However, I know that it is not today’s topic. You guys are not interested to know about whether cleaning golf accessories can help you lose weight or not. You want to know whether you can lose weight by playing golf.

Before we start going into the logical space, let me first tell you that yes, it is possible to lose weight while playing golf. Taking that first swing with your face balanced putter is sure to knock a few pounds off with a lot of power behind it. In fact, some golfers have lost a significant amount of weight only by playing golf and nothing else. How did that happen? Let’s discuss.

When you are playing golf, you are walking all the time. We know how great walking is as a form of exercise. When you are walking, you don’t know that your body is exercising as you are into the motion of playing golf but you actually are losing weight. Make sure that you are not in a golf push cart or a car when you are playing golf. Try to walk as much as you can as it will passively help. Golf courses are generally huge and you will walk 4 to 5 miles in a one-day session without even knowing.

The best way to make weight loss happen when you are playing golf is not to think about it too much. If you give weight loss importance when you are playing golf, then you will lose the happiness and thrill of playing golf which will eventually mean that you won’t go to play golf at all from the next day. That’s not the result that we want, right?

Simply do not think about losing weight when you are playing golf. You should just make sure that you are not using vehicles to go from places to places inside the golf course. Yes, it will take time but you should still walk. Talk with your partners or listen to your favorite music while you are walking. You will soon start noticing the difference.

The best part about walking as a form of exercise is the fact that you do not feel like you are exercising. At the same time, walking helps you build your core muscles and it also helps you strengthen your body too. I am sure you have heard about those terms like if someone walks for 30 minutes on every single day then there won’t be any risk of heart diseases?

Yeah, apart from losing weight, you get those benefits too.