Easy, Healthy Activities To Get You Up and Moving

Not everyone is a fitness fanatic. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways for us all to live a healthier lifestyle. And easy activities are one way to accomplish this goal. Simple activities are going to be the ones that don’t require a lot of strenuous effort, don’t require a lot of money or equipment, and aren’t going to leave you stressed out or frustrated.

Four activities that you can look at just as examples include fishing, hiking, yoga, or even just volunteering in your community. Not all of these could apply to your exact situation, but the at least will show you that there are many things you can do across a broad range of interests that qualify.


A segment of the population will tell you fishing is the best thing ever. It’s relaxing, combing, a way to get out in nature, and doesn’t have a lot of requirements concerning skill or equipment. So, make sure you get a fishing permit, and then find your local watering hole that’s big enough to have a boat floating on it. You’ll notice that people who live the fishing lifestyle enjoy the activity involved, even though it’s not physically strenuous.


While not everyone is going to run a marathon, most people can enjoy going hiking. As long as you have a decent pair of shoes and a safe environment to walk through, you can get all of the exercise that you need to keep your heart healthy and your joints in shape. Hiking works for people of all ages and persuasions, and really can be the highlight of an otherwise dreary day. There are places to go hiking all around the world, and all around your neighborhood.


If you want to focus on the side of health that develops your breath and your flexibility, then look no further than yoga. The very first steps of learning yoga are all about proper breathing techniques and an understanding of your basic body motions. An instructor can give you detailed knowledge about positions and such, but you can also learn a ton simply by looking through the Internet.


Finally, though it might not be considered an athletic activity, if you choose to do some volunteering, that is a natural, healthy activity that will get you not only up and moving but also most likely socializing with other people, which is a part of mental health. Volunteering helps your community, connects you to your environment, and allows you to work on social bonding that might not otherwise be present. Healthy activities involve not just the body, but also the mind, to keep us all sharp.