Four Cases For Disability You May Not Have Considered

Most people only go for disability once they’ve lost of broken a limb or have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. However, you don’t have to be under the most dire consequences to be eligible for disability, you just have to have a reason for not being able to work the same way as the rest of the population.

Some people, especially people diagnosed with mental illnesses, miss on disability in the beginning because they don’t realize that those benefits are there for them as well. The same goes for people that work in a specialized field, like professionally trained singers and professional athletes. Here are a few cases for disability that you may not have realized are valid and could help you in case you ever can’t do your job or skill anymore.


Addiction is an illness. While trying a drug for the first time may have been a choice, the inability to stop taking it without intervention turns it into an illness. On top of this, some people become addicted to painkillers that they have to take due to a previous injury or chronic pain. If they don’t get help from someone like Recovery Delivered, their health will be very negatively affected by the addiction. Drugs aren’t the only thing that a person can be addicted to.

When it comes to addiction, there is a chance that your vice could qualify you for disability. Alcohol and drug addiction are both things that can make it virtually impossible for a person to get and hold a job. Even food addictions, porn and sex addictions, and shopping addictions can affect your ability to work.

Sports Injury

If you’re a professional athlete and you get an injury that makes it impossible for you to play anymore, you may be eligible for disability. Obviously, it’s pretty likely that if you can still get around you could get a job in another field. However, as someone with no “normal” work record, it could be difficult to find gainful employment. Disability would be the one thing that could help you have the money to live without your sports career.

Vocal Issues

Much like athletes, someone that sings for a living needs their voice. Whether you are an actor on Broadway, an opera singer, or the lead singer in a well-known band, if your voice goes, for whatever reason, you’re out a career. Of course, that’s just your singing voice. You may still be able to talk, but as a touring musician for so many years, what jobs are you qualified for now?

Anxiety And Depression

Mental illness can do a lot to keep you from working or holding a job. If your doctor has diagnosed you with a mental illness and it makes it difficult for you to work a normal job and live a normal life, you definitely have a chance of being eligible for disability.

If you have a panic attack leaving your house and no therapy or pills help, how can you go to work? Talk to your doctor and get yourself a lawyer. Often people will get denied the first time they apply for disability, but having representation can be a big help.