Four Reasons To Consider Braces As An Adult

Many adults still think that braces are something that children and teens wear, but not everyone had parents that could afford such dental care “luxuries.” As an adult, you may want to get your teeth straightened or fixed if they are too crowded. Dental problems like these can lead to cavities and broken teeth, and other dental problems.

Not sure if you need braces? Make an appointment with an orthodontist and have an evaluation done. If you do need them, make sure that you learn what it’s like to live with braces. You may have to change some of your living habits and takes better care of your teeth at home.

You Have Crooked Teeth

You might need braces if you have crooked teeth. Some people are born with crooked teeth, others get them through different experiences.

Trauma to your mouth, maybe during sports or a fight, can cause crooked teeth. Sucking your thumb as your baby teeth are coming in can cause crooked teeth that could remain when your adult teeth come in. This is where speaking to an Ortodoncista, or orthodontist, can be very helpful.

You Have Too Many Teeth (Cramped Together)

If you have a crowded mouth (different people have different sized teeth and different sized mouths) you may want to consider getting braces to help readjust that spacing. This could require the removal of a couple teeth, which would help make room.

Crowded teeth can make flossing difficult to do. It can lead to more cavities and a lot of dental pain. You may want to talk to your dentist about how you can better care for your teeth while you’re waiting for braces to work.

You Need To Smile A Lot

If you spend most of your day with a smile on your face, real or fake, you need to have straight teeth. People react better to your smile when you work in certain business fields. It may seem like a vain thing when it comes to perfecting your smile, but it could actually get you a raise or promotion in your job (so why not consider braces?).

TV personalities pride themselves in good teeth. If you’re concerned about wearing braces, consider Invisalign, which won’t be as visible as regular metal braces.

You Have Teeth Growing In Higher Than Others

Not all crooked teeth are equal. Sometimes your crooked teeth could be crooked because one or more of them isn’t growing in quite the same “height” as another. If you get a baby tooth knocked out from trauma, like a basketball, and it grows in higher in your gums, it could make eating harder and cleaning harder. Braces can help.

When your orthodontist puts on braces they line them up a specific way that will help put your teeth where they should be. Your orthodontist will adjust tensions and wires as your teeth adjust.