How Many Days Should You Train in A Week?

Once in our life, we all have stumbled upon such people who either workout 7 days, two days in a week or middle around it as per their fitness enthusiasm level or busy lifestyle. Due to a sedentary or inactive lifestyle, many people above the age of 40 are found facing the walking problem. It is also found that these people hardly walk even 10 minutes in a month. That is a big and urgent issue to deal with. So, inclining to physical activity or exercises are the best option, we are left with. Set your fitness goal and chase it with your full might. But it is hard to get how much exercise you have to do to get your fitness goals after somehow you have discovered which exercises support you to achieve your fitness goals. Duration of training completely depends on some factors including your likes, dislikes, equipement you are using, environment, place, fitness goals, rest time, and time period of your muscle recovery. 

How These Factors Regulate Your Time Period of Training:

Every small factor plays an important role in increasing or decreasing the time period of training. 

Likes or Dislikes: Not only exercises but the timing other things depends upon your likes and dislikes. One thing you like to do, obviously you would love to spend more time on that. But while doing exercises, you need to increase your limits slowly and steadily. For instance you like to do push ups and this is your first day in the gym, you need not to do more exercise than your limit otherwise your muscles will suffer.

Equipment: If you are doing pull ups on a normal bar, you will take more time and effort rather than pull ups on the bar and resistance band. There are many other equipment that increases your efficiency by shortening the efforts so that you will achieve your fitness goals as soon as possible. But some equipment is opposite to it like push up bars that increase your efforts by increasing resistance in comparison to normal push ups. So, choose the equipment as per the intensity of your training. 

Environment: We humans are naturally motivated to see some others doing the same thing. If you are doing exercises where people are also doing the exercises, you will feel motivated to do more and more that increases your time period of training. Place where you are doing your training is also important. If you are doing exercise in a closed room, you will not continue for a long time and soon get demotivated. If you are training in a place where pollution is up to the dangerous level, doing exercise for a longer period can damage you to unrecoverable levels. So, choose the place which is green, promise you to provide all the goodness of sunlight and oxygen that will increase your training time by itself. 

Fitness Goals: It is an important factor to give your time to achieve the fitness goals. If you are in a weight gain regime, you need to workout not more than 35 minutes three days in a week. But if you are improving your lean muscle mass, you need to dedicate at least 45 to 50 minutes four days in a week. If you are proficient and want to get mastered in your craft, you have to give at least 8 to 9 hour in a week. 

How Fast Your Muscles Recover: As fast as your muscles recover, you are ready to workout again. If your muscles don’t recover fast, you are unable to continue the exercises for a long time. But if your muscles get recovered fast, you are going to join the training fast with your full enthusiasm once again. In order to do fitness enthusiasts take support from bcaa powder which consists of essential amino acids including BCAAs that are primarily metabolized within the muscle itself. And as opposed to getting broken down by the liver unlike the other amino acids. 

From two days to 4 days, your training session is able to show you the results but these conditions must be fulfilled. Many trainers and experts generalize the number of days of working out in a week and stick to four days in a week but it doesn’t mean that if you do have a busy schedule throughout the week, you can’t do the exercise or achieve your fitness goals. For that you have to keep your fitness target achievable and striving  toward the bigger one slowly but steadily.