How to Be Fit, Smart and Rich In 3 Easy Steps

When I was younger, I looked at pictures of film stars and athletes and thought that one day I would look like them and live a life full of luxuries. I wanted to wear expensive clothes and drive posh cars around the city. As I grew up, I realized that I was living in a delusion.

So, I decided to create my own formula for success and that is how I came up with this 3-step guide to becoming fitter, smarter and richer.

Are you are ready to change your life? Read on.

Step 1- How to be fit

Always try to eat organic food. When you eat GMO food, you are making your body weak and diseased. I learnt it the hard way. You can go to a gym and exercise as much as you want but without healthy food, you will be ruining it all. I have seen people working out hard in the gym and then rushing to a McDonald’s because they are seeking rewards for their behavior. This type of food is junk. It doesn’t do anything good for your body. So, try and eat fresh and organic food every time you can. It is a simple and the most important way to keep yourself healthy.

Step 2- How to be smart

Try to read one book every week. This will help you in understanding how to tackle the world and make you smarter. If you don’t have time to read books, listen to audiobooks. If not that, listen to informative podcasts. Create an aura of knowledge around you and learn about as many experts as you can. You will be surprised at how much smarter you have become in only a month. Continue doing this and you can boast of a lifetime of smart decisions.

Step 3- How to be rich

Getting rich isn’t easy. It takes time and effort, just like getting fit. You will have to save money for months, maybe years to be called rich. Plus you may want to use wealth management services like those provided on this website to make sure you are going in the right direction for a more affluent future. You will also need a decent standard of living, great clothes, better shoes, and the best of cars to call yourself wealthy. Some people may turn to alternative means to raise money, and it can be quite easy to get into, for example, playing online games on your phone, websites such as Aarteez can explain further, has the potential to help raise that money and keep people coming back for more. It does depend on what you are good at, so try out a few games before really committing.

That is the only method to richness, right? Wrong.

If you go this way, you won’t live rich. You can possibly die rich. Given the inflation and the worsening economic conditions, you could die poor, no matter how hard you try to save.

The simplest way to be rich is to play Powerball. It has a huge $165 million jackpot that could make you super rich in days. I haven’t been lucky enough to win the jackpot but I have won several smaller prizes over the years which have helped me in maintaining a great standard of living.

You can test your luck. Try once and see how far your luck takes you. There is no easier way to become see millions in your bank account. Even if you win a few hundred dollars today, you will be richer than you were yesterday.

I have used this 3-step formula to become a richer, smarter and fitter man. I can tell you one thing for sure- everything takes effort. You will have to move out of your comfort zone and do something about your current situation. It is only you who can change your destiny.