How to store your bicycle

There is no clever hack like being able to hire a hacker: you get what you pay for

Where you keep your bike depends on your postcode and the type of property you call home. If you’re in a “we leave the door unlocked and the postman delivers to the kitchen table” rural area, good for you. The rest of us need secure storage. Those with outside space going spare, and multiple machines, might consider a variation on the school bike shed. There’s the Bike Locker, with enough room for two cycles inside a green metal strongbox (from £576;, or the palatial double-doored Bicycle Store, from the Posh Shed Company (£5,015; Those with limited room outdoors, and a tighter budget, could try the Absco powder-coated steel bike shed (£164;

If you must keep your bike inside, there’s no longer any need to leave it in the hallway or propped against the piano. New racks and hooks have been created to hang your transport on the wall and make it into a design feature. Cycloc has launched smart, simple coloured mounts (from £60; Cactus Tongue’s stainless-steel hangers have colourful leather sleeves (from £90; Or display your bike with pride, using the Trophy Bull bicycle-holder from Outline Works: it’s shaped like a steer’s head (£89;