I am proud to say that my clients surpass their fitness goals and keep getting better, fitter, healthier and happier. My online fitness programs work and I am going to tell you exactly why.

All Fitness Programs are Tailored to My Client’s Needs: When you hire me as your online fitness coach, we begin by assessing your existing fitness levels, diet, lifestyle and work commitments. Once I have a clear picture, we jointly set short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. Subsequently, I design a personal program and we get started.

Tracking Your Progress: I track all your activities and monitor your progress to ensure that you are progressing nicely and enjoying your program. I provide online fitness level tracking resources. You simply enter your values and I will take care of the rest. If you fall behind, I provide additional motivational tools to get you back on track.

Ongoing Support: My job is to guide and support you on a daily basis. You won’t need to chase me, because I will be chasing you and making sure that you are following the program correctly. Don’t worry, I will not let you slack off.

Fitness Resource: Throughout the program, you will be given access to all of my training resources and learn all about fitness, nutrition, motivation and sports psychology.

Motivational Group Session: Twice a month, you will connect with other clients and we will hold a team motivational session. You will enjoy exchanging stories and receiving and providing support from and to other clients.

To get started, simply send me an email at kevin@nicefacts.com. I will respond quickly and send you some introductory information. Usually, I answer question during an initial online call during which we can get to know each other and discuss how best to proceed.

I look forward to supporting you all the way to full health, fitness and happiness!