Most people tend to abandon their exercise regimen when the work load at the office piles up. Others find unhealthy methods like drinking and binge eating to cope with stress in their lives. There is always the temptation to pass by the bar after work for a couple of beers.

If anything, these only serve to worsen the situation. In fact, the time you really need the gym is when you don’t seem to have the time for it. Working out is a healthier way of managing stress than trying to drown your sorrows or eating them up.

Not only does it have a very positive impact on your physical health, but it also hugely benefits mental health and wellbeing as well. It can be difficult to drag yourself to the gym when you’re tired and stressed, but it is important. Plus, you can always purchase some pre-workout products from or somewhere similar to get you fired up and ready to pump some iron.

Here are more reasons why you should hit the gym.

You’ll have company

It is difficult to have a bubbling social life when work commitments take most of your waking hours. The gym is a good place to mingle and socialize as well as keep your body and mind healthy.

The best bit is you can create a Create A Free Forum with your gym buddies to keep each other accountable and remind yourselves of gym sessions. This will prevent you from coming up with excuses to avoid working out.

Alleviate stress

Physical activity is a healthier way of dealing with stress. Happy hormones ā€“ endorphins ā€“ are released when you exercise. Endorphins create a feeling of happiness and can significantly improve your mood and ward off mental exhaustion.

Exercise is particularly important for those with depression and anxiety disorders.

Exercising for 30 minutes a day for 3-5 days a week is enough to reduce your stress to manageable levels.

Boost brain power

Exercise increases the blood flow to your brain which is important in keeping your brain sharp.

With stress which also affects your cognitive abilities reduced, hitting the gym will sharpen your decision-making and learning abilities. A workout may be what you need to spark your creative abilities and problem-solving skills.

Moreover, exercise slows down the degeneration of cells in the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning. This helps prevent cognitive decline and conditions like memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.

Sleep well

A rigorous gym exercise stimulates the release of chemicals which help you fall asleep faster as well as sleep better.

After a session at the gym, all you will want is to sleep in order to give your body time to recover and build muscles.


This has nothing to do with losing weight. Physical fitness makes you feel good and have a more positive image of yourself and exercising in a gym set up will improve your self-esteem as you get to interact with a lot of people.

In the gym, you’ll get the affirmations and encouragement you need to change your perceptions about yourself.

Physical health

Intense gym workouts bring a lot of benefits to your physical health. Your muscles and bones grow stronger and help delay the onset of muscular degeneration and osteoporosis. This also helps with postural problems.

Exercise also improves your immunity and helps burn fat which is important in keeping hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases away.