Safe Ways To Get Fit At Any Age

It’s important to continue fitness throughout your life. Staying fit does a lot of great things for your body, including keeping you from breaking your bits. If you stay strong and balanced (through fitness) you’re less likely to experience fall accidents, and you’re less likely to suffer sprains and strains.Obviously, if you aren’t as mobile as you once were you are going to want to take it easy on the workout front, but if you’ve kept up your fitness through the years you should remain fairly mobile. Always start with stretches and a warm-up, which will greatly lessen the chance of getting a fitness related injury, and then follow these steps.

Have A Safety Plan

Start off with a safety plan for your workout, no matter what your fitness plan is. If you lift weights you have a spotter. If you go rock climbing you have a partner. If you have a health condition that could affect your ability to exercise safely, talk to your doctor before you begin your routine and make sure it’s OK to do it. They may even have some other recommendations for you.

It can also be wise to have some sort of medical alert system. That way if you fall or get injured in some way you have a direct connection to help. This is important if you are elderly, as you still need to keep fit but be aware of your limitations as they could push you over the edge if you do too much. It may be wise to not work out by yourself if this is the case and use Local Senior Care services to help you out during this time, so you are monitored and supported. Any form of exercise, even stretching can be tiresome for some, that is why it is crucial to have people there for help.

Get Flexible

Stretch; it’s one of the most important parts of every workout. Stretch even before you start a yoga routine, which will have you stretching even more. Yoga is a great way to gain flexibility, by the way. Not only that, but it also helps increase balance.

Yoga could be your best friend as you age. It will give you balance and flexibility, plus a stronger core. That core strength can help with overall body strength and health. Plus it’s a low-intensity workout, for the most part. There are even yoga poses for people that need to stay seated during their workouts.

Push It When You Can

While you don’t want to overwork yourself too much, you do want to push yourself when you feel like you can. If you’re working out to gain muscle or lose weight, there is a chance you could hit a plateau, and the only way past that is to increase and change up your workouts.

That also means it’s smart to try something new once in awhile. Don’t simply do yoga every day. Change it up with some cardio or some toning exercises. Your muscles and your heart will thank you for the challenge and the change.

The longer you stay active the longer you’ll be able to stay active. Even if you don’t have the energy for an aerobic workout, do ten minutes of yoga or take a walk around the block.