Spiritual Well-Being: 5 Ways Your 8th Chakra Can Affect Your Health

If you’re a stranger to the concept of the body’s chakras, there’s much to learn.  There are a multitude of different chakra points on and around the body, but you have probably only ever heard of seven of them.  

Going past your seventh chakra, you head into the spiritual chakras.  The 8th chakra is the first of the spiritual chakras. It is located just above your head.  Aligning your first through seventh chakra is vital to the development of your 8th chakra awareness.  

Understanding the link between your physical health and the 8th chakra is vital to your spiritual growth.  Whether you want to reinvent yourself, or looking to take your well-being to the next level, here is a brief look at a few ways your 8th chakra can have an effect on your health.

Understanding the purpose of the 8th chakra

The 8th chakra is also called the soul chakra.  It is said to be the center of the individual’s divine love, spiritual compassion, and selflessness.  Your 8th chakra will give you a deep sense of unity with creation and the Earth when fully aligned with the rest of your body’s chakras.  

The first through seventh chakras are all represented within the physical body.  The 8th chakra takes you into a spiritual journey. Prepare yourself for a transcendent experience.

When your mental flow is free your physical being falls in line

The whole idea of working through your chakras is that the first through seventh will already be aligned by the time you begin discovering your 8th chakra.  Ideal as it is, not everyone works in a linear pattern.

Working to gain a closer relationship with your 8th chakra will help your mental flow.  When your mental and spiritual well-being are aligned, your physical body will feel more energetic and lively.  

Meditation reduces your stress levels

Meditation is a key factor in chakra work, and a beneficial practice to your physical health as well.  Deep breaths slow your heart rate and relieve physical tension in the body.  Resting your mind gives your body a clearer control panel with which to operate.  

Self-awareness will boost your workout routine

When your mind is aligned with your body, hitting the gym will be a whole new experience.  Extreme self-awareness is a side effect of aligning your chakras, and working out with a heightened sense of body awareness will help you get the most out of your efforts.  

Align your 8th chakra for a more productive life

Spiritual awakenings will send a free flow of positive energy through your life giving you a whole new perspective on your goals.  With this kind of peace inside of your being, you will be more productive in other areas of your world.