Ten of The Strangest Superstitions To Increase Your Luck

Finding a four leaf-clover, carrying a rabbit’s foot and crossing your fingers are all considered to be signs of wishing for good luck. Famous athletes engage in some pretty strange superstitions and rituals for good luck, basketball legend Michael Jordan wore the same pair of underwear under his NBA uniform for every game, as well as tennis legend Serena Williams tying her shoelaces the same way before every game along bouncing the ball five times before every serve.

Some superstitions sound pretty plausible but some sound downright ridiculous, here are 10 of the strangest superstitions that people believe in order to increase their luck.

Eat a dozen grapes and wear red underwear to welcome the New Year – SPAIN

When the clock strikes midnight and we welcome in the New Year Spaniards believe it is good luck to eat twelve grapes, one for each month in the year, whilst wearing red underwear. The superstition involving a person eating grapes dates back to over a century ago when there was a grape surplus in Spain at the time. The idea behind wearing red underwear dates back all the way to the Middle Ages when Spaniards couldn’t outwardly wear any red clothing because it was considered to be a devilish colour.

Sill water behind someone – SERBIA

According to Serbian folk law, spilling water behind someone is a great way to give them good luck. Because moving water is a fluid and smooth, it is said to hold good look which helps you as well as the person you spill it behind. Serbians spill water behind their friends or family members who are preparing to take a job interview, sit a test or go on a trip.

Hang upside down to kiss a rock – IRELAND

The legendary Blarney Stone, sits in Blarney Castle, Ireland and attracts a huge amount of visitors, all of which are encourage to kiss the Blarney Stone in order to get gifts of good luck and eloquence. If you want the stones good luck you must walk to the top of the castle, lean backward and hold on to the railings so their lips can touch the stone. Kissing the inconveniently located stone is risky process, so much so that the Castle’s employees have help visitors by on to their bodies as they lean back to plant a smacker on the stone.

Saying the word “Rabbit”when you wake up – UNITED KINGDOM

Probably one of the weirdest superstitions we’ve heard of so far. A good luck superstition that originated in the United Kingdom involves saying the work “rabbit” right after you wake up on the first day of the month. Whether you say “rabbit”, “white rabbits” or “rabbit, rabbit”, the ritual will supposedly give you good luck for the rest of the month. The superstition has been around since the 1900s, even American President Franklin Roosevelt reportedly said “rabbit, rabbit” to usher in each new month. No need to worry if you forget to say it in the morning, for the same results, simply say “black rabbit, or “tibbar, tibbar” (rabbit spelled backwards right before you go to sleep.

Wearing a surrogate Penis – THAILAND

Ignore the first one, this is definitely the weirdest superstition on our list. Men and Boys in Thailand believe that wearing a palad khik or surrogate amulet, under their pants will bring them luck. Carved from bone or wood, the surrogate todgers are under 2 inches long and are thought to lessen the severity of potential injuries for the wearers, some men wear multiple penis amulets – one for good luck with women and another for good luck when gambling or fighting.

The number 8 is great – CHINA

Speaking the number 8 in Chinese sounds similar to the word for “fortune” and “prosperity”, therefore, people will do just about anything to include the number 8. Chinese people have scheduled dates marriages on dates involving the number 8, booked flights containing with the number 8 included in the flight number as well as using a phone number that included the number 8. Fun Fact: When the Chinese held the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, the opening ceremony started on 8:08pm on 8/8/2008.

Bird Droppings are a sign of things to come – RUSSIA

The thought of a bird dropping one on you can be a disgusting surprise, however, the Russians welcome is as a sign of good luck and fortune. Russians believe that bird droppings on you, your home, or your car, signifies that money will be coming your way. Although it might leave a sick taste in your mouth, if multiple birds decide to poop on you, you’ll supposedly get more money.

Throw broken dishes at houses – DENMARK

The next time your break a plate, keep the pieces. In Denmark, people save their broken dishes throughout the year in anticipation of throwing them on New Year’s Eve. The Danes believe that if you throw the broken plate pieces at your friend’s and family’s homes you are wishing them good luck in the year to come. Some Danish (and also German) children will leave a pile of broken dishes on the doorsteps of their friends or family, in a less aggressive manner of wishing prosperity.

Spitting on a Bride at a wedding – GREECE

Eewh! Anyone who has watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, knows of this one. The Greeks believe that spitting, has been a sign of good luck for centuries. As the bride walks down the aisle both sides of the congregation will spit a dry spit (a symbolic gesture) as a sign of good luck in the marriage. As demonstrated in the film, this gesture doesn’t just apply at weddings. It can occur at other events and religious occasions.

Stepping in Dog Poop – FRANCE

Another stomach churning entry. The French believe that stepping on dog mess can influence your luck. However, keep an eye out on which foot is on the turd. If you step on it with your left foot then luck can be coming your way. If you step on it with your right foot then you’re getting nothing apart from a shoe covered in dog mess.

On the other hand, this superstition could all be an excuse for dog owners not wanting to pick up their pets’ fesses.

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