The Benefits and Risks of Pushups and How to Do Them Properly

Many gym enthusiasts do not have the facility to go to a regular gym or a training fitness center. However, they practice and build their muscles with the help of simple exercises. It is no wonder that many types of exercises can help you build muscle with simple and easy movements. These exercises use the body to put pressure on the muscle groups that you want to build. As a result, the muscles in that particular area become tense and pose resistance to the externally applied strength. As a result, the muscles develop. Moreover, when you continue to engage in such types of exercises daily, you will notice that the overall strength of your muscles will increase. A point will come when applying the same amount of strength will do nothing to your muscle groups. Instead, you will have to increase the weight or use a more different angle to work them out. When you reach this stage, know that your exercise has paid off! A very important exercise that is great to build your upper body is pushups. Wear good workout clothes to remain dry and safe from sweating.


Yes, pushups are highly beneficial for your overall health. They will aid in building the strength of your triceps, biceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. Moreover, they will also increase the strength of your lower back and core. Pushups also allow to burn calories quite fast and do not require any equipment. The fun part about doing pushups is that you don’t require any equipment at all. It’s your body and you can do it any time. Moreover, the gains in the upper body are visible in just the very first month. When done consistently, the results are spectacular. Furthermore, keep challenging yourself by increasing the number of pushups you can do after the end of every week.


The risks involved are not too serious and can easily be avoided if you are a little careful. When you start working out with this exercise, you will notice that your muscles feel the heat. Gradually, this feeling will diminish. It’s because your muscles are stronger and can withstand such pressure. At times, you need to improve your physical strength and fitness even more for a better life. I highly recommend you to try changing your routine. Moreover, if you have had any wrist injuries before, try consulting with a physiotherapist before you begin your exercise routine. Also, if you don’t wear the appropriate clothes for the workout, chances are that you can get injured. Therefore, take care in this regard as well.

How is it done?

Doing a pushup is quite an easy task. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Kneel on the floor and bring your feet together behind yourself.
  2. Position yourself in a plank position. Your palms should be flat on the floor. There must a should-width gap between them. Furthermore, take care that your shoulders are over your hands. Your feet should together and behind you. And your back should be straight.
  3. Lower your body to the ground gently. Do not move your back or shuffle your legs.
  4. Lower yourself until your chest is about to touch the ground. Your elbows will experience a lot of pressure so don’t worry. It’s quite natural!
  5. Now, exert force on the ground and push upwards gracefully and gently. You should be able to assume the starting position.
  6. Continue the downward movement. One downward and one upward movement constitute a rep. 10 reps should make the first set for you. With time increase the reps in a set gradually.

Expert Tips

Some words of advice that will help you go a long way in performing to your best:

  1.  Always keep your posture correct. Your back must be straight. Your core must be in line with your back.
  2. Do not lift your butt. It should be in a downward direction.
  3. Make sure that your body does not sag down. Ensure that your back does not arch downwards either.

You can make pushups more fun for yourself, as you gradually become a pro at this wonderful exercise. To add to the extent of pushing yourself to the limits, you can place your feet on a medicine ball. Do pushups daily for a leaner, healthier, and fitter body!