Tips to Avoid Over-Packing for Your Road Trip

There is nothing like the breeze in your hair, your favorite tunes blaring through the speakers, the open road welcoming you to a day of adventure, and adventurous way to see the hidden gems of a country on a road trip, whether you’re driving your car in your own country or have rented a camper van from somewhere like and are exploring somewhere far from home. You will never experience these mind-blowing things if you travel by air. Nothing spells liberty like a road trip, an adventure full of flexibility, and being in control of your time, pace, and destinations of the journey. The next biggest reason to choose road tripping is getting to pack whatever and however much we want into the back of our pickup trucks. These are the vehicle of choice when it comes to road trips, especially when you have something like the Toyota Tundra as you can purchase a cover for your truck bed from sites like to keep all of your belongings safe. Once you’re packed and ready to go, then road trips are totally badass however, they come with their own set of challenges and inconveniences. A road trip can quickly go south if you’re not prepared. Pack things you need for yourself and items for the ride; neither forget anything on your road trip packing list nor pack things that are totally unnecessary for your trip or it could turn into a disaster. Here are some tips that you can make the most of your packing while keeping it all relevant.

Make a checklist and check it thrice:

Making a checklist a week ago is the best practice for ideal packing. You categorize the list as most important to least important and before packing all the items in your bag make at least three passes at the list. It will help you remember what to bring and also to what to leave. Waiting until the last minute to pack is a sure way to overpack for your trip. On the second or third pass of packing, you’ll probably ask yourself why you wanted to pack a particular item in the first place. Don’t pack items that you might need, instead pack only definite items for your trip. If you start packing some days before the trip, clothes might get creases. However, rolling your clothes instead of folding will limit creases and save some space too.

Mix and Match:

After making the initial cutbacks, lay out your clothing, and plan an outfit for every day. Try to make combinations of bottoms with tops. You’ll find out that you can mix and match your clothing in more ways than you imagined and can wear each piece with at least two other pieces in your suitcase. For this reason, bring solid color clothes as they usually blend together well like a black cardigan and a white dress, a yellow shirt and white pants, a brown vest, and a beige shirt. Pack more tops and fewer bottoms. and for more styling ideas try here.

Pack Multipurpose Shoes and Clothes:

If you work out when you road-trip, pack shoes that look more like a fashion sneaker than a running shoe. It should withstand a run, but will also work for casual sightseeing. Moreover, your clothes, especially tops, should also serve more than one purpose; like they can be used as sleeping clothes along with casual wear. Additionally, wear the heaviest items on your list; it will save you from packing them in your limited space.

Share Items with Your Travel Companion:

When you are road-tripping with a buddy, decide ahead of time who will bring which toiletries, like toothpaste and sunscreen, so that you don’t double up. Moreover, you can swap jackets, especially winter coats which take up a lot of space, and other accessories so that you can still go for different looks even with limited choices. In addition to this, if you are road-tripping in a group, you can bring only one or two tools kit and extra parts and share them with each other when needed.

Take Smaller Sizes and Bring Items According to the Weather:

Instead of bringing the travel-sized bottles, try to fill small-sized bottles from travel-sized bottles if you’re only going somewhere for a week or two. Take only as much as it is required and if you fall short, you can buy more. Furthermore, know the weather at your destination before you go. It will save you from carrying around clothing and footwear that aren’t appropriate for the trip.

The Upshot:

Road-tripping is one of the most thrilling experiences of life. If you haven’t hit the road so far, you must taste this adventure and follow these tips to save yourself from carrying unnecessary luggage with you. However, road-tripping on a two-wheeler is far far more fun than on four-wheeler and if you desire to do a road trip on a motorcycle, make sure your ride has tank bag and tail bag for securing and storing your luggage.