Top Five Most Efficient Antioxidants For Your Diet

If you are not already familiar with the beneficial effects of antioxidants on your body, then you will want to pay attention.  Antioxidants have a main purpose of reducing the amount of damage done to your body’s cells.  They block the development of free radicals and other damaging toxins in the body from damaging cells and/or causing irregular cell formation.

Effective in fighting against the formation of cancers, heart disease, and even dementia, antioxidants are truly one of nature’s superfoods.  Here is a short overview of some foods that are rich in antioxidants.

Amla (Indian Gooseberries)

This powerhouse food is the best kept secret of antioxidants.  Amla provides an array of health benefits that medical professionals are just beginning to discover.

Indian gooseberries are so rich in antioxidants that they possess 60 times the power of pomegranate and 50 times the antioxidant power of blueberries.  Amla even provides twice the power of ground turmeric, which is one of the most saturated antioxidant foods in the world.


You probably do not need another reason to indulge in the rich flavor of fresh pecans, but it should be noted that pecans are one of the richest antioxidant foods available.

Placing them in a pecan pie will cancel out all of the health benefits, but a handful (or 20 pieces) of pecans is a great source of protein and antioxidants.  Pecans are also an excellent source of heart-healthy fats.

Brewed Coffee

Your morning cup of joe just became a little more interesting.  Not only can you get a little dose of caffeine, but researchers have recently discovered the antioxidant power of the brew.

As with many things in life, too much of a good thing can turn into a not so good thing pretty quickly.  Try not to overindulge in your coffee, but a cup a day could keep the doctor away.


Now you can have one more reason to enjoy the sweet tart of strawberries.  Rich in fiber and vitamin C, strawberries are also a significant source of antioxidants.

An extremely healthy snack, there is no need to fear your children’s love for their flavor.  Dig into a cup of fresh, sliced strawberries, and start your snack off right.

Kidney Beans

Dried and canned kidney beans are one food that is available all year.  Popular for not only their flavor, but their kidney shaped aesthetic, kidney beans are rich in more than just protein.  Here is a short list of all of the healthy stuff included in a cup of kidney beans.

  • Antioxidants (of course!)
  • Fiber (for healthy digestion)
  • Folate (good for cell health)
  • Copper (helps with collagen formation)
  • Protein (builds muscle)
  • Iron
  • Potassium