Weight Training

Experts have long since been able to show scientific facts on how beneficial strength training is.  Not only is it great for building muscle, but helps protect your joints, bones, ligaments and more, as well as improving your overall cardiovascular health.

First, start light. When you lift weights, typically you do three sets of twelve to sixteen reps. For beginners, start with three sets of eight reps. The first week or two may require a little bit more weight than the next couple weeks. Your body will adjust to your new reps and you can increase the weights as your body becomes stronger.

Make sure you warm up before you start your exercises. This will include a few stretches to get your muscles loose and loosen up the joints and tendons. A good stretching routine should include four to five sets of fifteen to thirty seconds each. You can add some weight by using a medicine ball or heavy bag if you are more advanced or have more weight you can carry. You should always begin with your hands on your side, as this puts the most stress on the muscles and increases the stretch.

The next step is working the muscles with free weights. Your workout can consist of barbells, dumbbells, cable flyes, and a variety of other options. You can even use machines, as long as they offer resistance. Choose a weight machine that offers resistance in both the lower and upper ranges. This way, you can work multiple muscle groups with each rep.

One common mistake people make with their strength training routine at home is working out on an empty stomach. While it may feel great to only have a few weight pounds to push against at the end of your workouts, it can lead to weakness in your muscles and an overall lack of muscle growth. Always eat several hours before and after your workouts, as you will need the fuel to support your workouts.

Working out at home can be an effective and interesting way to accomplish your muscle building goals. The above tips will help you get started on your new strength training routine at home. If you stick to your plan, you will notice results in your body in no time at all. Whether you need help with your posture, balance, or flexibility, a good strength training routine at home is a great way to achieve your goals without the gym.