What Happens to Your Breasts After Weight Loss?

Weight loss changes your appearance drastically and instills a new confidence in you. It is an amazing feeling to walk with your head held high, receiving compliments from everyone about your recent pound shedding adventure. But wait! There is a spot on your body that may not look as good now. It is the breasts.

For women, weight loss comes with a big problem

Most obese men tend to gain weight around their chest, giving the appearance of breasts, also known as moobs or man boobs. As soon as men start to lose weight, they start losing this chest fat as well. While men love this transformation, it is women who face a big problem.

If you were obese before but have lost weight drastically, it is highly likely that your breasts have become droopy now. The skin is not as elastic to handle a sudden and dramatic weight loss. As breast tissue is mostly fat, it sheds quickly but the skin does not have enough time to accommodate the changes. Because of this, your breast size will go down but they will not look beautiful anymore. They can appear sulken and droopy. Some women also feel insecure because of the extra skin that somehow folds because of lack of fat tissue.

While losing a significant amount of weight is certainly exciting and should be celebrated, it can often leave women with smaller and saggier breasts than they are accustomed to. That is why many of them tend to go through procedures like breast augmentation to improve their overall upper-body contour. Breast Augmentation is a procedure used to increase the size of the breasts. It can also be used to change the shape of someone’s breasts or to correct a birth defect (a congenital deformity).

Body image issues and boob jobs

Breasts are important for a woman. Full breasts make you look better. Most flat chested woman or women with drooping breasts dream about getting fuller breasts. During pregnancy, some women have larger breasts. These breasts may droop after pregnancy, so if you’re self-conscious about your appearance, a Mommy Makeover could be beneficial. Dresses and even t-shirts fit snugly to your figure if your boobs look good. After losing weight, you can feel great about your body but as the curves are gone, you may no longer feel as beautiful as feminine as you wanted. However, it is impossible to gain weight only around the chest. You may end up wondering- what good did weight loss do for me?

Is there a simple solution to this problem? Yes, there is. No matter what problem you are facing with your curves, a boob job can handle it. This one-hour surgical procedure can enhance your curves and give you a fuller figure. You can choose the size of breasts you want. Most women like to upgrade a couple of sizes to ensure that their curves look natural and healthy.

Naturally flat or loose skin

Whether you are naturally flat chested or have loose skin and drooping boobs because of weight loss, this small body augmentation procedure will likely handle your worries. With a general anesthesia and 4 days of rest, it becomes easy to get the figure you always wanted without having to worry about weight loss or gain. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to stay fit and let these saline or silicone implants make your bust look great.

However, you need to make informed decisions about going for implants. Your implants should be safe and FDA-approved. If you decide to use somewhere like this body and facial plastic surgery in Denver clinic for your breast augmentation, it is very likely that you will have a thorough consultation with your doctor regarding the size, placement, recovery time, healing, etc, that are related to the type of implants that you get. Cosmetic surgery is no more a taboo as many women are getting the breasts they always wanted through it. So, get ready and talk to a good plastic surgery specialist to see if they can make you look more feminine and beautiful.