Why HITT is the Best Burning Fat Method for Someone in their 30’s

Most of us who has crossed that “Young adult” stage when we were still in college with a healthy, young and strong body that could sustain long hours of study, work and partying; we can no longer claim we are that capable. Age has finally become a problem and we notice that when we see that flat belly slowly turning into a mushy series of fat concentration e say to ourselves “No problem, I just go out for jog or swim and get rid of it!” Easily said than done after 30.

HIIT cardio is the best type of exercise after you have crossed the 30’s barrier, High Intensity Interval Training. In other words, intense simple exercises with no rest and a maximum full length of 10,15 or 20minutes. Enough time to perform right before work in the morning, during lunch time or in the evening.

Theory behind HITT?

In terms of fat loss there is just so much a body can lose within a given day, especially during a 1 to 2 hour period. If you burn more than the normal range (between 600 and 800 calories per day) your body will actually begin storing more fat as a defensive measure. From that point on you may continue to exercise and work on your resistance, but no more fat will be burned.

So those taking long jogs, bicycle rides or taking long sessions in the gym are not losing more fat than those perform 15 minute HITT sessions. With the right exercises and intensity you can do the same in that short time than 1 hour.

Even if you have time to spare on your exercises and wish to do 1 hour or more, it’s better to use HITT for 15 minutes and then perform body building or other types of exercises.

Intense Cardio Works Best than Long Cardio

Intense cardio session that keep your heart rate about 75% burn more fat and prevent catabolism. Catabolism is the when the body begins to store fat when it feels more than usual is being expend, it does so as a survival reflex.

When taken to the limit, the body can actually begin to eat muscle tissue to find the nutrients you just expended.

The HITT Bonus

There is a bonus by performing HITT, during the afterhours of the exercise you continue to burn fat.

If your goal is to burn fat at a fast rate (and still remain healthy) perform various sessions of HITT during the day but with enough time in between. 2 to 3 times a day. Make sure to develop a weekly program that works out different parts of your body. Keep it to an intensity that makes you comfortable enough to perform during your normal daily work.

List of 50 HITT Exercises by Millionaire Hoy

Millionaire Hoy is a famous Youtuber that has several HITT routines amongst his playlist. On this video he presents a series of them, but you can explore his channel to find more, or just surf Yutube to find “15 Minute HITT”.


NFL Football Players train with HIIT

NFL players are trained under the HITT method to increase their performance on the field. You can use HITT with power and plyometric exercises to focus on building strong and flexible muscles that react with strength, perfect for fast sprints.

The Panthers, Seahawks and Patriots all use HITT during their training program, all are common Super Bowl finalists.

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